Class of 2019

Class of 2019

This year, the only reintroduction technique used was the Parent-Reared release method.
About this Year’s Whooping crane chicks:
Two of this year’s chicks were captive-born and raised by either their foster parents or biological parents in a captive-breeding facility with little human contact. They were raised at the International Crane Foundation in Wisconsin and so far one has been released near wild Whooping Crane pairs in hopes that they would learn to fly and migrate with their adoptive parents.
2019 also had three wild-hatched chicks fledge! 19 chicks hatched, of which three grew to fledging.
Parent-reared Whooping Cranes
79-19 80-19
Wild-hatched Whooping Cranes
W1-19 W14-19 W19-19

Sex: Female 
Hatch Date: May 3, 2019

irst year: W1-19 hatched to experienced parents 5-11 and 12-11 in Juneau County, Wisconsin in the beginning of May. At the end of June, staff from the International Crane Foundation captured the chick, gave her leg bands and a radio transmitter for identification, and drew blood for testing, which revealed that she is a girl! She fledged in July.  
Sex: Female 
Hatch Date: June 2019 

First year: W14-19 hatched to pair 12-03 and 12-05 at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge in early June. In late July, a team made of staff from the International Crane Foundation and Necedah NWR captured the chick, placed bands and a radio transmitter on her leg for tracking, and drew blood as part of a health check. She fledged in late August.  
Sex:  Unknown
Hatch Date: June 22, 2019 

First year: W19-19 hatched at Necedah NWR to pair 9-05 and 13-03. This was a special hatch, as the chick came from 9-05 and 13-03’s third nest attempt of the season- only the second pair to do this in the EMP! He/she fledged in September.