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News Releases



Sept. 10, 2015: Whooping crane class of 2015 gets ready for next adventure: migration


May 14, 2015: First wild whoopers hatch in 2015; record nests spur hopes of more young


2014 News Releases and Announcements


September 20, 2014: Captive Whooping Cranes Released into the Wild: Efforts continue to increase population of endangered bird

USFWS News Release


June 26, 2014: USFWS News Release - Reward Offered in Indiana Whooping Crane Case


June 23, 2014: USFWS News Release - Foster a Land Ethic That Would Make Aldo Leopold Proud


May 13, 2014: First Whooping Crane of the Season Hatches at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge


March 31, 2014: Whooping Crane Funding Comes to Necedah National Wildlife Refuge - - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service News Release


Jan. 7, 2014: Endangered Whooping Cranes Arrive at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, FL on Aircraft-guided Flight


2013 News Releases and Announcements


Nov. 15, 2013: Young Whooping Cranes Begin Fall Migration


Oct. 29, 2013: Young Whooping Cranes Begin Fall Migration


Sept. 9, 2013: Young Whooping Cranes Will Learn Migration Route from their Elders


August 29, 2013: Whooping Cranes Stay the Course When They Follow a Wise Old Bird - - University of Maryland News Release


May 22, 2013: Wild Whooping Crane Chick Hatches in Central Wisconsin


May 15, 2013: Partnership Study on Nesting Success of Eastern Migratory Whooping Cranes


April 10, 2013: 2013 Whooping Crane Spring Migration is Underway


Feb. 11, 2013: Injured Whooping Crane Released Back into the Wild at Hiwassee State Wildlife Refuge in Meigs County, Tennessee


Jan. 11, 2013: The Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership Seeks Public Assistance Locating Missing Whooping Crane in Georgia


2012 News Releases and Announcements


Dec. 4, 2012: Citizen Tip Helps Close the Knox County Whooping Crane Case


Nov. 27, 2012: Ultralight-led Whooping Cranes Arrive at Wintering Destination in Florida


Nov. 14, 2012: Ultralight Whooping Cranes Soar into Walker County, Alabama on Their Way to Florida U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service News Release


Oct. 31, 2012: Young Whooping Cranes Begin Fall Migration


Oct. 2, 2012: Endangered Whooping Cranes Depart on Ultralight-guided Flight to Florida


Sept. 7, 2012: Young Whooping Cranes Will Learn Migration Route from their Elders


June 27, 2012: Six Whooping Crane Chicks Arrive in Wisconsin for Ultralight Training


May 16, 2012: Investigation complete on whooping crane killing - - Indiana DNR News Release


May 1, 2012: Wild Whooping Crane Chick Hatches in Central Wisconsin


April 17, 2012: Spring Migration is Underway for the “Class of 2011” Whooping Cranes


April 16, 2012: Monthly Update for March: locations of eastern migratory population


April 10, 2012: Please Keep A Distance From Cranes


April 4, 2012: Operation Migration Granted FAA Exemption


March 29, 2012: Spring 2012 Nesting Update


Feb. 13, 2012: Ultralight-led Whooping Cranes Released at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge

Released crane photos and tagging at:  http://www1.flickr.com/photos/usfwssoutheast/


Feb. 3, 2012: Ultralight-led Whooping Cranes will head to Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge


January 10 - FAA Grants Waiver Allowing Ultralight-led Migration to Continue


January 9 - Reward Fund Started for Indiana Whooping Crane Case


January 5 - Ultra-light-led Migration of Whooping Cranes on Hold in Alabama



News Releases from 2001 thru 2011






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Whooping Crane Vocalizations

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Contact - mp3
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WCEP Public Service Announcement - Video




Download PSA as .flv

Download PSA as .wmv




Media Contacts


Davin Lopez

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Office: (608) 266-0837

Cell: (262) 364-7568

e-mail: Davin.Lopez@Wisconsin.gov


Heather Ray

Operation Migration

Phone: 920-573-0905
e-mail: heather@operationmigration.org


Sara Gavney Moore
Communications Specialist
International Crane Foundation
Phone: 608-356-9462 x. 155

email: sgm@savingcranes.org


Georgia Parham

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Midwest Region

Phone: 812-334-4261 x203

e-mail: Georgia_Parham@fws.gov