Whooping Crane Pair with Chick #W13-14 May 2014

Whooping cranes face an additional threat from humans (Warning: Graphic content)

B-roll compilation:


Whooping Crane Vocalizations 

All of these calls were recorded in the wild by Dr.  Bernhard Wessling from the last remaining naturally reproducing whooping crane flock.

Alert-Guard call- mp3

Contact-Brood call – mp3

Defense Call – mp3

Flight Call – mp3

Guard Call – mp3

Preflight – mp3

Unison Call – mp3

Dr. Bernhard Wessling is a German chemist and entrepreneur who has been active for over 20 years as a volunteer in crane protection and research. His main focus is behavior, including 5 years of vocal communication and identification research. He developed a technique for recording, computer analyzing and “voice printing” cranes which gives the possibility to monitor crane individuals and pairs over many years but from a distance without having to touch them. It is possible to monitor their territorial and partnership fidelity – with surprising results. Dr. Wessling is involved in five German and international monitoring projects, including recovery of the last wild Whooping Crane population.


The Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership has a number of project images available for media to use. Please visit our Flickr site to view.